Soul-inflected roots music
for a sunny afternoon.

About the Band

The River South is a roots project based in Ashland, Oregon. This is folk music, with real drum grooves and a medley of instruments that include acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and clavinet.


  • “Our sound is roots-based,” Axel says. “There are elements of folk, a little bit of country, and straight rock ’n’ roll. It’s very acoustic and American sounding, blues-based music. There are layers of folk influences with three-part harmonies on a few of the songs. That’s my favorite sound: when it’s really sort of thick, the choruses jump out because there’s some harmony there.

    Mail Tribune Laurie Heuston
  • From the small, rustic town of Ashland, Oregon comes the melody-heavy roots rock of the band The River South. Employing soft melodies, slick guitars, a bit of spit and grit, and clear influences from folk, country, blues and Americana (thus, roots rock), founder, guitarist, and singer/songwriter Krister Axel‘s new single Holland Park Road echoes recent personal struggles and two decades of working in the DIY music scene.

    Indie Rock Cafe Kate Stevens


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