The one sentence review is that the entire EP is nice music perfectly suited for a booming harvest fest/winery tour/farmer’s market scene.
From the small, rustic town of Ashland, Oregon comes the melody-heavy roots rock of the band The River South. Employing soft melodies, slick guitars, a bit of spit and grit, and clear influences from folk, country, blues and Americana (thus, roots rock), founder, guitarist, and singer/songwriter Krister Axel‘s new single, “Holland Park Road,” echoes recent personal struggles and two decades of working in the DIY music scene. “As a songwriter, I strive to capture my own observations and feelings with as much authenticity as possible, given the limitations of the English language and the 12-tone scale,” Axel says. “As a trio, we play all original music in a melodic roots rock vein. The River South is a culmination of many long years of songwriting sessions, studio work, and touring.” He moved to Ashland from California a few years ago with his guitar and a handful of songs that he had been working and which are now available on the band’s self-titled debut EP. Some of his biggest musical influences include Ollabelle, Ryan Adams, JJ Cale, Martin Sexton, and Josh Ritter. The band, which also includes Jinnee Joos on vocals and Michael Zuzel on bass, has performed throughout the larger region encompassing southern Oregon and northern California; some of the beautiful country – for hundreds of miles in every direction in the United States, and music that is fit for the rugged, wooded lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.
The River South. The iconic shuffle-snare is employed to great effect here, providing the backbone for a delicate love song. The keyboards, bass, and dual vocals fill in the warm, comforting vibe.